I am feeling nostalgic so

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I am feeling nostalgic so

Post by Rex on Thu May 16, 2013 2:44 pm

So I meet up with a few old friends from school and then I watched an episode from Doctor Who followed by Twin Peeks. So now I am feeling slightly nostalgic,horny and wondering about alternative universes. The old what could have been

What were your biggest crushes? People who you were totally hot for nothing came out of it?

Let's see for me my first crush was my second grade English teacher. She was really pretty and had this huge hypnotizing(for boys at least) boobs

Then in third grade there was girl I was sitting close to. She was like angelic. Had this perfect delicate soft features like she was a princess out of a fairy tale

Then in eight grade I met this awesome cool party girl who was just so full of life

In the eight grade again I also meet this other girl. We both really hated each other but it was the attractive kind of hate. Sadly I was too young for this to turn into great hate sex

The first year in the university I met this insanely gorgeous girl. Tall athletic, beautiful eyes and a face that looked insanely a lot like Milla Jovovich. Biggest crush I ever had. Outright love even

Then there was this girl I met during summer break. She was pretty but the special thing was how compatible our personalities were.

Then my weirdest crush was while I was in the uni doing my masters. I was really crushing onto my professor. She was short, decent looking but nothing special.Way older then me like in her mid 30's, one of those super good people that I usually roll my eyes at for being two goody shoes or whatver the term was but still I was really into her for a while. It was weird

Then there was this girl last month. A really hot shrink. I am hoping to see her again someday

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Re: I am feeling nostalgic so

Post by xChorusOfAngelsx on Mon May 20, 2013 4:34 pm

I had a huge crush on one of my classmates in second grade. He was the smart ass of the class, go figure haha. Then he moved away to the next school district over. I learned this 9 years later when I too switched to that school district. Crush was still there. Hockey player. Gorgeous eyes. I was the shy loner so we never talked.

We now work for the same rental car company. I had to work with him one day about a month ago. And he's kind of a... well.... he's a fucking tool. Hahahaha


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Re: I am feeling nostalgic so

Post by Hannah_Banana222 on Fri May 31, 2013 9:09 pm

I don't really have "crushes." More like slightly creepy obsessions that last a really really long time. I'm crazy good at reading people (body language, facial expressions, and vocal tones give everything away), so I can figure out everything I want to know about a person with very little interaction. And I feel like I have pretty high standards, so I don't develop a crush on just anyone. It's gotta be someone whose every quality is something I admire. Which means there's a lot to get over. I don't get over someone unless I find some huge fault in him that's really unappealing.

Also, I'm not shallow at all. I'm way into personalities. Especially those similar to mine, since I'm so vain (if I could clone myself, I'd have the perfect mate). Because I'm attracted to guys who are exactly like me, the objects of my obsession tend to be my close friends who see me as just one of the guys... Constant friend-zoning. That's my curse.

Anyway, let's see... Some of my biggest crushes...

Well, I had a really weird obsession with Unit when we were still on the ABC Family boards. I don't even know how that happened.

Sophomore to senior year of high school, I was really into this guy named Channing. He was pretty popular, which isn't my usual type, but we got along really well. We just had a really deep intellectual connection. But he's been dating one of my best friends for almost 2 years now.

Then this year, I really liked my friend Andrew. At first, he seemed like kind of a jerk, but he's actually just really sarcastic. He's a super nice guy, and I'm not into that, so I got over him pretty fast.

Other than when I was pretty young, that's pretty much it... Little infatuation here and there, but nothing else worth mentioning.
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Re: I am feeling nostalgic so

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